You Have To Read What NBA Legend John Stockton Said About Mormons



Basketball legend John Stockton had something important to say about  Mormons. 

“I can’t conceive a better situation than the one that actually unfolded for me in Utah,” he said. “The opportunity began with the city and its people. Salt Lake City, nestled against the Wasatch Mountains, is clean, safe, and beautiful.” Stockton called the city’s environment “extraordinary,”

“Largely thought of as the ‘Mormon State,’ Utah didn’t fit some commonly held stereotypes,” he said. “For one, the notion that Salt Lake City is overwhelmingly Mormon is simply false. Actually, the city is somewhat diverse with a substantial Catholic minority.

“Although more diverse than I originally thought, church and state do coexist closely,” he continued. “Salt Lake serves as both the Utah capital and as the headquarters of the Mormon Church. The state capital building overlooks the expansive Salt Lake valley and Temple Square just a short way down State Street. There, at the coordinates of (0,0) on the city grid system, the magnificent Mormon temple stands beside the Tabernacle, home of the world-renowned choir, in the precise center of the city. Temple Square and surrounding buildings serve as the Mecca or global center for LDS faithful around the world.”





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