You Have To See How A BYU Student Handles A Hateful Letter Taped To Her Front Door



Hannah Taylor came home from her classes at BYU and found  a hateful letter taped to her door.

The writer  attacked Taylor for the way she handled her relationships with her friends, her church calling as a Relief Society president, and her life choices.

“I recently decided to go on a mission, and this person said, ‘You’re going on a mission for the completely wrong reasons,'” Taylor says, “I don’t know where that came from because this person doesn’t know my reasons.”


After the incident Taylor sent the following Tweet:


The things I felt in those few minutes are indescribable, but it’s how I felt after that really matters: I remembered my testimony of Heavenly Father’s love for me, and that His opinion of me is the only one that matters, and He is the only one who can determine my worth. While this letter did hurt me a TON, I am grateful that this letter was written to me rather than someone who does not have a testimony of these things. I would rather the letter not be written at all, but I’m glad it was to me because I have a testimony of these things, and I cannot let the words of another person determine my worth. I am extremely grateful for God’s love today, and I am grateful that I now have a testimony of having a testimony prepared for hard times.

After the Tweet a neighbor decided to gather some students and ask them to tape positive and kind messages on Taylor’s door.

Taylor said about the hateful letter:

“As the person who received it, I think it’s important to not react the way the person wants you to react,” Taylor says. “They want you to react with hatred and with hatred toward yourself and I think it’s important to not do that and to remember that you are loved and that you are an incredible person no matter what anybody else says.”





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